Drone Services Provided

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 AMK Services has received permission to operate unmanned, lightweight aircraft systems, under controlled conditions in airspace that is limited and predetermined. AMK Services can safely and efficiently inspect and monitor Public Safety Towers and Pipeline Right of ways and other customers managed by AMK Services using the latest drone technology.


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 One of the major costs and pitfalls in any communication business is the hiring and monitoring of tower climbers. Although tower climbs have always been a necessary for the installation of much of our equipment, there is an extensive cost and risk that is associated with tower climbs for the sole purpose of inspecting lines, cables and microwave dishes.  Damages that were often incurred to our customer’s towers and their equipment during storms required tower crews and AMK personnel to make decisions about structural integrity from the ground without a way to perform up close inspections prior to climbing. In the past, Ice and snow build up on the towers as well as lightning strikes during the summer require visual inspection by tower climbers that must ascend towers after storms to determine line, antenna and microwave dish damage and misalignment.

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The costs and risks can be significantly reduced if not eliminated by the use of Unmanned Arial Vehicles to determine the extent of damage and misalignment prior to towers crews being dispatched. Additionally, by understanding what equipment and replacement parts are needed ahead of time, AMK personnel can reduce the number of climbs by half. Our Services can significantly reduce the cost to local municipalities whose budgets are already strapped while at the same limit climbs by inspecting tower structures remotely. AMK Services’ unmanned drone is ideal for this industry and has unlimited potential in reducing cost while significantly reducing the need for tower climbs

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