AMK Services offers a wide variety of Communications and Security products to meet today’s challenging Public Safety, Public Service and Private Sector environments.  We have built a solid reputation throughout the United States by providing quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations.


Radio Communications

AMK Services has a large selection of radios and accessories to assist our customers in purchasing the right product for their communications suite.  We are authorized dealers for Harris, Tait, Kenwood and Hytera as well.  We offer an array of accessories from manufactures as well as off brand items suited to all off our customers needs.

Microwave Systems

AMK Services has extensive experience in the engineering, installation and maintenance of Microwave Backhaul equipment.  We understand that a complex communication suite must have sufficient back haul to ensure uninterrupted connectivity during crisis.  We offer Exalt, Cambiun, and Alcatel Lucent products and the know how to install and maintain each system.  Please see our product line in the Microwave drop down menu for more information


AMK Services proudly sells and provides our customers with the Harris Symphony Consoles.  For those customers who are not on a Harris System, we offer the tried and tested Zetron and Avtec consoles.  For more information, please select the Console tab from the drop down menu in the products page.


In building coverage possesses a complication for even the most advanced communications suites.  More municipalities and local governments are requiring that key buildings such as schools and court house have Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to boost coverage within the buildings.  AMK Services has the means and experience to meet those needs.  For more information on our products, click on the BDA/DAS button in the products drop down menu.

Body Cameras

In lieu of recent events and in support new of personnel monitoring requirements within many public safety departments, AMK Service is providing body camera solutions.  Please see the drop down menu in the products list to read more.


AMK Services offers Axis camera and surveillance systems as our product of choice.  For more information on Axis products please select the camera tab on the products page.

Drone Services

AMK Services has received permission to operate unmanned, lightweight aircraft systems, under controlled conditions in airspace that is limited and predetermined. AMK Services can safely and efficiently inspect and monitor Public Safety Towers and Pipeline Right of ways and other customers managed by AMK Services using the latest drone technology