Fire & EMS

Intuitive Radios For First Responders

It is absolutely imperative that our Nation’s Fire and Emergency Response Personnel have the knowledge that regardless of the environment, their communications system will work when they need it most. Public Safety Communication equipment must deliver successful results every time the button is pushed, suit put on or the hose charged. We are here to deliver that confidence when the PTT is closed.

AMK’s philosophy stems from our belief that every mission critical system we design, implement and service will consistently & seamlessly perform for the intended user community. We believe our program is the answer when the lives and well-being of the public are at stake and the mission is critical.

AMK Service’s Goal

AMK Services continues to maintain factory level diagnostic and repair facilities throughout our areas of responsibilities to ensure that we can maintain and respond to our customers as quickly as possible. We also understand that good stewardship of public funds dictate that new equipment and equipment repairs be as cost effective as possible without reducing reliability. For the past 30+ years the AMK Personnel have has faithfully serviced the communication needs of thousands of firefights and we look forward to continuing that tradition of service for years to come.

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