EDACS is coming to its end of life, there are still many users in need of a migration path. The Enhanced Digital Access Communications System (EDACS) Migration Gateway Connects the EDACS network to an OpenSky®, NetworkFirst®, or P25IP networkEDACS is the 800MHz trunking radio technology. We provide a selection of mobile and portable radios that are not only interoperable and compatible with EDACS but also with P25. We provide intelligent migration solutions for agencies that intend to transition to P25, but still require public safety grade coverage and interoperability along the way. Our solutions support primary dispatch operations between networks allows existing EDACS customers to smoothly migrate to a Voice, Interoperability, Data, and Access (VIDA®) system.

For more information on EDACS Migration, please visit the following website: www.pspc.harris.com/media/ECR-8037C_tcm42-24911.pdf

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