Cellular PTT

BeOn® users experience a group communications application that enables Push-to-Talk (PTT) and real-time location and presence information between team members – all from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
Traditionally LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems have been the only reliable PTT solution available, but BeOn® is changing the professional and public safety landscape for communications!

Convert your Android Smartphone into a PTT (Push-to-Talk) Radio.

BeOn® is a carrier independent PTT/radio application which means that you can utilize your smartphone on your cellular network of choice and communicate with users on other cellular networks. BeOn® allows for individual (one-to-one) and group (one-to-many) communications. All you need to be eligible for this application is an android powered smartphone and a broadband network.
See why public safety and other industries around the world are putting a half-century of Harris innovation and communications expertise to work for them with the app that has the most advanced features on the market.

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