GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker

GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker, significantly reduces the time spent and improves the accuracy of GIS ad-dress mapping. Using the combination of GeoConex® Editor and real-time GPS tracking technology, cen-terline mapping, addressing, or re-addressing of an area becomes simple and very accurate. GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker allows the addition of road centerlines,addresses, or landmarks, which can include fire hydrants, utility poles, and street signs. Simply drive the road, and incoming GPS points place centerlines on your map in real time. When addressing in an office setting, aerial photographs or digitized topology maps are required for centerline and address location. Accurate recording of 9-1-1 related areas (addresses, landmarks and other geo-based locations) helps agencies locate and direct responders to an incident or disaster faster and more efficiently.

® Mobile Mapmaker combines addressing tasks into a single interface for efficient address pro-cessing. Get GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker today and save your agency considerable time and money!

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