A variety of options and brands to choose from.  Batteries, antennas, microphones, chargers. 

XG-100P Two Way Portable Radio Antennas

User-friendly, 6-inch antenna pictured.
Intinsically safe only (IS) when used with an FM- or UL-approved IS radio unit.

XG-100P Two Way Portable Radio Batteries

3600 mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery pictured.
Highest capacity battery for multiband radios
Average 12-hour shift life, 400 charge cycles
IP67 rated for immersion and dust/dirt particle intrusion, Ruggedized per MIL-STD-810.

XG-75P/XG-75Pe Two Way Portable Radio Carry Accessories

Leather case with belt loop pictured. Made of quality leather. Includes a heavy-duty belt clip to comfortably secure the radio to equipment belt.

XG-75P/XG-75Pe Two Way Portable Radio Microphones and Audio

Ruggedized Speaker Mic with Emergency Button pictured*.  Watertight accessory connector, Immersion rated IP68, 6-foot (stretch length) coil cord
Rubber Push-to-TalkEmergency button. 

XL-200P Two Way Portable Radio Chargers

XL 2-Bay Charger pictured*. Designed to power up lithium batteries in the XL-200P, XL-200Pi, Xl-185 and XL-185Pi portables. The bay brings batteries to full charge within 4 hours and features advanced technologies to maximize operational life.

XL-200P Two Way Portable Radio Antennas

136-870 MHz Helical Flex Antenna, UHF/700/800 MHz Dual-band Whip Antenna
762-870 Whip Antennas

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AMK Advantage Maintenance programs

  • DEDICATED CLIENT PORTAL - Provides 24/7 access to your fleet, ability to schedule service online and more...
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - AMK Services can perform an Annual or Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance (PM) on your entire radio fleet to maintain peak performance for your critical communication system. Our factory trained technicians will diagnose, tune and inspect each portable, mobile and base station enrolled in the plan. 
  • BUDGETS SIMPLIFIED - We will help you control repair costs for your radio equipment. You know up front what the cost will be to keep your system up and going.
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